Equipment Auction

The club received an exceptionally large donation of Radio gear.
It was donated by Jerry WB8YUO in memory of a long-time club member and now a silent key Herb Kimball N8COA.
The club has decided to auction off the equipment listed below. The prices noted are from what has been sold on E-Bay and are just a suggestion.
If you are interested in any of the equipment and want to see pictures of it, please send an email to: You can also perform a google search for the item to see what it looks like. Any unsold items will be sold at the next tailgate or hamfest.
The bidding will be sealed-bids (email is an acceptable way to bid – and the highest bidder in a reasonable period will win.
I am going through each piece of equipment to make sure they are in working order, all defects will be noted. All equipment will be sold in as-is condition with no warranties.
73 de Mark WF3F.

Equipment Auction list