GARS Hurricane Net

Gainesville Amateur Radio Society

Everyone is invited to join us: the goal is to make sure who can hear and be heard (practice for emergency times); the net is usually very short, with some local info, and a roll call of local participants followed by surrounding area participants.

Time: Thursday evenings at 8 PM (and any night at 8PM that we are within the 5-day cone of prediction of a tropical storm or hurricane) the Alachua County ARES(R) net is held on the 146.820 Repeater.

The net manager for this net is the Alachua County Emergency Coordinator, Jeff Capehart W4UFL.

The primary repeater utilized:

146.820 K4GNV (maintained by members of GARS)

Duplex: (-) (your transmit frequency on your radio will be 146.220)

Shift: 600kHz (standard)

Tone: Not required, but 123 is typical for Alachua County repeaters